Prebiotics and Probiotics

Prebiotics and Probiotics

I am sure you have heard of probiotics and tried different kinds already, but have you heard of, or tried prebiotics? As you know, probiotics are live bacteria and micro-organisms, that protect us from bad bacteria in the gut, help treat IBS, stomach infections, UTIs, yeast infection and numerous other stomach related ailments. Prebiotics are specialised plant fibres that nourish the good bacteria already present in the stomach and the intestines. These are high fibre carbohydrates that cannot be digested, but that help treat IBS and allergies, increase good bacteria in the gut, improve insulin sensitivity, enhance calcium absorption, and strengthen the immune system. Prebiotics and probiotics work in a synergistic manner to enhance digestion by balancing the body’s microflora. Daily consumption of food containing prebiotics as well as probiotics is highly beneficial for overall good health.

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My avocado, banana, organic yogurt, almond milk, a teaspoon of raw honey smoothie has pre and probiotics in it


I’ve been taking probiotic supplements for years as I have mentioned in my earlier posts. I never travel without it and take it every single day. I think it is the single most crucial health aid that one can take today. Food contamination is rampant, not just in India, but across the world. Items like ice and water are particularly susceptible to contamination. It is also important to remember that harmful bacteria can enter our bodies not just through food, but also through badly washed crockery and cutlery that the meals are served in. Probiotic supplements can help counter these bad bacteria, improve immunity and keep you healthy and fit. There are a number of natural food sources that are rich in probiotics:

Dark chocolate (my favourite)


Lassi (butter milk)


Unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar

Miso soup

Sourdough bread.


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Ohso probiotic chocolate tastes delicious and is super healthy. Available on


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Toasted sourdough bread with Avocado and poached egg makes a perfect meal with all the healthy enzymes and friendly bacteria

In today’s environment of contamination and pollution, it is important to also include prebiotics in our daily diet. Here is a list of natural sources that are rich in prebiotics:






Organic apple cider vinegar







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Solgar probiotic (any good probiotic from a good pharmaceuticals will do) and Himalaya Lasuna is not only for cardiac health but an excellent prebiotic

Try including prebiotics and probiotics in your daily diet let me know how they work for you. Write to me below or using #stayrealstayyou on Instagram @shagunkhanna