Foods I prefer buying organic

Foods I prefer buying organic

Everyone wants to eat clean. Unfortunately today, clean i.e. pesticide/chemicals/stabilizers-free, hormones/antibiotics-free, GMO-free (genetically engineered) food products are not those that are easily available in any local store/ vendors. Rather they are labeled certified organic, and can be purchased from select credible organic food stores, online and offline.

While it is great that a lot of people have turned the organic way, the switch isn’t an easy one to make. You’ve likely been following a conventional manner of shopping and eating for a long time. Hence, it is a good idea to go slow with making the ‘fresh’ start.

Prioritise your grocery shopping, and substitute those products/produce that are conventionally highly contaminated – with organic ones. This will help limit your (and your family’s) exposure to toxic pesticides and insecticides.

My list is endless, and so starting with a few essentials /packed food items today. I’ll discuss fresh produce in my next blog post.

– Super Green Powders- I take these very often in rotation. Wheat grass, chlorella, moringa, spirulina are some of my favourites. Being nutrient-dense, these powders help flush out toxins from my system and keep my hair, nails and skin healthy. They’re also great for immunity . It’s very important to get these from the right brands as they can contain harmful bacteria, artificial colours, pesticides and traces of heavy metals.

– Herbal Infusions- I consume them a lot, and definitely prefer organic ones. I love to have these warm and cold. Besides adding flavour to sometimes boring plain water, these also have healing, anti inflammatory properties. It’s not only about the quality of herbs here; one needs to be wary of the packaging too. Make sure your tea bags are eco friendly/plastic-free.

– Honey- is one ingredient I love, and use quite often I love to try out different brands of honey to add in my smoothies and bakes. Organic honey is not just good for you, but for bees too. It means bees aren’t given any antibiotics and get nectar from flowers that haven’t been sprayed with chemicals. Please go for brands that are certified organic.

– Saffron/Kesar- is again, one of my personal favorite spices. It’s got a lot of health benefits too. Organic saffron may have a stronger and fresher aroma than the conventional one. I use saffron by Organic Kashmir.

– Matcha Green Tea- get your hands on organic matcha. It’s all about quality here. Authentic matcha green tea is excellent for overall wellbeing. You don’t want to consume this tea loaded with pesticides and grown from genetically modified seeds. Organic Burst Matcha is my all-time favourite. It is available online from their website only. They deliver in India.

– Cacao powder- must be raw and organic. Conventionally farmed cacao has pesticides, toxins in their fertilisers. It may also be genetically modified. I add cacao powder in smoothies and shakes.

PS. There is no one way to go about this shift. I’d love to know your experiences. Do leave your comments below and add to this list!

Disclaimer- all of the above food items work very well for me. Some people can be allergic to them. For instance, super green powders don’t suit some and people complain of side effects . Please ask your GP before you take these.