Easy steps to a healthy skin

Easy steps to a healthy skin

With PCOS comes the sad realisation that there are no short cuts to a healthy and happy skin. As I’ve learnt to live with the syndrome, it has meant watching my skin go through so many changes. From being overly oily, to mild adult acne breakouts, to overly dry skin and now back to being oily again. Then there’s also skin pigmentation caused by hormones, and sun exposure – it’s overall been quite a journey that has time and again proved the need for a good and regular skincare routine. This is complemented best with the “healthy skin inside out” belief. Cutting down on food loaded with sugar, refined food & dairy products and switching to food that’s wholesome, and antioxidant rich helps the most.

External skincare and a check on your lifestyle – go hand in hand! For the former, here’s what I do religiously:


  • Wash my face in the morning/night with a face wash suited for my oily skin type.
    Currently using: Zo Skin Health exfoliating cleanser
  • Apply an antioxidant rich Vitamin C serum to boost collagen production and brighten my skin.
    Currently using: Zo Skin Health 10% self-activating Vit-C
  • Moisturise my face with a light moisturiser to keep it hydrated.
    Currently using: Zo Skin Health Daily Power Defence
  • Apply eye cream to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. This also helps with dark circles.
    Currently using: Medik8 r-retinoate eye serum, both for morning and night
  • Apply a sunscreen to protect my skin from environmental factors, and prevent pigmentation.
    Currently using: Zo Skin Health smartone broad spectrum sun screen SPF 50
  • For nights, I use a repair cream which are either AHA based like glyco or retinol based. Night treatments are to refine skin texture, boost collagen production, treat pigmentation, and to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
    Currently using: Zo Skin Health wrinkle+ texture repair 0.5 retinol, 3 times a week
  • I also often go for a face oil for nights.
    Currently using: Ras Infinity Elixir 4 times a week (On nights when I am not using the retinol)


  • Exfoliate to remove built-up dead skin cells. It also helps unclog pores.
    Currently using: Bal Veda top to toe face & body scrub
  • Apply an antioxidants rich sheet mask or a Face pack to detox, repair, hydrate, and tone my skin.
    Currently using: Bal Veda river god weekend face mask mixed with Pureearth rose water


  • I go for a nice intense facial like hydra facial, or a medical grade facial for overall skin rejuvenation. The treatment depends on what my skin needs, or what the concerns are around that time.

While you follow your skincare regime, never forget to include the neck area. Remember, it needs just the amount of tender love care as your face!

Wishing you all a happy skin year! 😀