There are three things that govern my eating habits – the right combination of foods, the quantity of what I’m eating and the timing of when I eat. By following these simple rules, I don’t have to worry about absorbing vital nutrients; I keep my blood sugar levels balanced and therefore feel very energetic. These rules also help keep cravings at bay, so I don’t end up putting on unnecessary kilos!

Here is a list of food combinations that I usually eat when I’m at home in India. These work well, both for women with and without PCOS.


Protein Shake

I seldom change my breakfast menu. And nothing beats my ‘chocolate whey protein shake’ which is usually a scoop of whey or vegan protein in almond milk with half a banana. Eating protein for breakfast keeps me fuller for longer, therefore helping me control my appetite all through the day. It also pumps up my energy and kick starts my metabolism. And what’s better! It serves as a low-calorie option.

When I get sick of it and want something new, I eat an egg with one slice of gluten-free multi-grain or rye toast with a teeny bit of butter.


Channa brown rice

I like to keep it Indian and mostly, vegetarian. I love white chickpeas, black chickpeas, moong dal, mixed dal and lobia – highly nutritious vegetarian protein alternatives with a low Glycemic Index (GI). This is accompanied with either green beans pulao (brown rice) or one missi roti with a nice helping of cucumber salad. No more than one plate and one helping.

This makes for a healthy lunch that is rich in fibre, proteins, vitamins and minerals.


Masala Tea and walnuts

A handful of organic nuts is a perfect, healthy high-fat teatime snack. Being nutrient-sense with low-GI, nuts will keep you full till dinner and maintain your blood sugar levels. You may have them with super -anti-oxidant green tea, filter coffee or Indian masala tea.


Grilled Fish with Green beans

I prefer a non-vegetarian dinner meal, mostly a helping of lean meats – fish, mutton or chicken along with sautéed vegetables. High in proteins and delicious, this meal also helps boost metabolism, keeps you full, muscle-building and also helps in weight loss. As mentioned earlier, one plate, one helping and no more.


Dark chocolate

Like most of you, I am a chocoholic, though I eat dark chocolates only. My night snack comprises two pieces of organic dark chocolate (72%-75% coco content) full of anti-oxidants. You can combine it with organic cinnamon tea, which is good for digestion, stabilises blood sugar levels and strengthens immunity.

While these combinations are sure to charge up your diet, your body will tell you which combinations work and which ones don’t.

Try them and let me know how they work for you. Write to me below or use #stayrealstayyou on Instagram @shagunkhanna