When to Save and Splurge on Skincare Products

When to Save and Splurge on Skincare Products

I’m a total skincare junkie and you all know that by now. I love trying out new products and sometimes end up buying products that have a high price tag. This is because more often than not, their ingredients are of excellent quality and are high in concentration.

Over the years, I’ve realised it is ok to splurge on a product you are really keen to try out. In fact, you never know, it just might work and give you excellent results. At the same time, a good quality drug store product, which is also affordable, can be equally good and work for your skin type.

Here’s a list of skincare products you can splurge on, and some on which you can actually save money.

Splurge on serums
Serums don’t come cheap. A potent antioxidant serum with good concentration of active ingredients will deliver results – keep your skin hydrated, boost collagen levels, increase elasticity, protect against pollution, reduce pigmentation, even out your skin tone, and give you that healthy glow.

Save on sunscreens
My number one skincare essential! A good sunscreen doesn’t have to be expensive to be really effective. I’ve tried serious varieties of sunscreens, both expensive and affordable, and I feel a good drugstore sunscreen is just as good. My advice would be to go for an affordable option that you can replace more often.

Splurge on eye creams
The skin around your under eye area is extremely fragile. It needs constant hydration to keep fine lines from forming. You should start using one in your 20s and the good part is, it doesn’t have to be very expensive. Go for vitamin C based, light- weight, moisturising ones.

But, the minute you hit your 30s, it is time to splurge. You will need one with best quality ingredients, like a blend of hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin C – more so in their purest form to fight those signs of ageing, and many other problems such as puffiness, uneven skin tone etc.

Save on face cleansers
A cleanser is one product that you use a lot i.e. twice a day, or sometimes thrice. Go for a non-fancy one that does its job just fine i.e. helps remove makeup and impurities. Please remember it should be suitable for your skin type.

I believe nobody should stop you from trying in order to choose what suits you the best. If you have suggestions, do feel free to talk and write to me below.