Brides To Be – Part One || Skincare

Brides To Be – Part One || Skincare


So, wedding season has already begun in India and it’s going to carry on right up until May 2018…At least that’s what our auspicious Hindu marriage calendar tells me. You’ve got the ring, set the date and are marrying the man of your drewams…What could go wrong?!

It’s the most exciting time of a woman’s life and all eyes will be on you for your big day and I can tell you just how to get that perfect, healthy, beautiful skin – for that gorgeous bridal glow. I promise to make it fuss free and easy.

The tips that I want to share with you, will revitalise your complexion and make you look and feel like a star on your special day.

3-6 months pre wedding:

Just like planning for your wedding, also start planning for your skin 3-6 months before your big day. Good prep can go a very long way – and will get you into a great routine of really taking the time out to pamper yourself.

Let’s start with the basics. For your skin to look perfect you need to look after it. There are two easy ways to do this: water and sleep! Drink tons of H2O for bright, clear skin and try even harder to get your 8 hours of zzzz every night. If so, try and go to bed at the same time to get into a routine. Skin cells regenerate at night, so this is the best thing to keep your complexion calm and under control.

All clinical treatments and courses of any intense facials like peels should be booked 3-6 months before the wedding and always end 2 weeks before the wedding functions begin.

I like oxygen facials, which plump and hydrate the skin, or facials that are aimed at gentle exfoliation.

3 weeks pre-wedding

Major beauty disclaimer: Do not experiment with any new products and/ or DIY skincare tips in the run up to your wedding date, especially not in the weeks before the event. The last thing we need is a “blushing bride” who isn’t blushing at all but has just had a bad chemical peel.

When choosing additional products to get dewy and radiant skin, go for anti-aging, hydrating or brightening masks, they work miracles.

Taking your skincare day/night time regime seriously, is a serious task. My top tip is always to wash your face every single night! No matter how tired you are or however little make up you think you have on, remove it all. Sleeping in makeup clogs your pores and leaves skin looking dull which can cause break-outs and blemishes.

Change your pillowcase regularly in the run up to the wedding. Clean skin = glowing skin. Vitamin C Serums, moisturisers and sunblock are also an absolute must every single day pre wedding.

2 weeks pre-wedding

Let your skin breathe! Avoid heavy makeup 2 weeks before the big day and invest in an all natural, organic face body scrub which will gently exfoliate your skin, use this once or twice a week for the best results.

Go for full body massages the day you exfoliate. This will give your body the best source of moisture, allowing all the nourishing oil to be soaked in by your skin. My favourite oils are organic, moisturising body oils which are not too heavily scented.

Two weeks before is also the best time to use brightening, hydrating sheet masks at home – the perfect wedding prep up!

I also recommend going to a hair spa once every 2 weeks as you want your hair to look shiny and healthy. Highlights and colour should be done 2/3 weeks before your big day, just in case there’s a goof up – you have enough time to fix it!

The big day

It’s finally here! It’s scary but exciting…

Remember to drink plenty of water all day. Put your maid of honour on touch-up duty and enjoy your beautifully glowing skin.

Good luck,

Love SK