Summer Skincare Regime

Summer Skincare Regime

Hello everyone! Summer is officially upon us and it’s time to change up my skincare regime. It’s also vacation time for a lot of us! We love going to places where there’s lots of sunshine, sand and water…and this could either be a skin dream or skin disaster.

My summer skincare regime is very simple. I know it’s little confusing for some, but you can always pick and choose what you like and add it to your summer skincare regime accordingly.

Now is the time I stop using my high strength retinols and acids. I will be taking a break from these for good 2 months. As I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts, retinols and acids – such as glycolic acid are fabulous treatments to fight signs of ageing, to refine pores, fade pigmentation, even out skin tone and encourage many more amazing skin benefits but these make your skin super sensitive to the sun. These are best avoided when going to sunny places as your skin may easily burn. It can also make pigmentation worse.

My summer skincare routine: breakdown

Vitonomics Facewash
Use this in the morning, the night or whenever need be. I love that fresh-faced feeling.

Vitonomics Vitamin C Serum – Day
This is great for daily use and I just can’t do without it. It protects my skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Yu reverzo day and night stem cell regenerating cream
This one is fab! It’s lightweight with potent key ingredients. It keeps my skin soft, supple and hydrated both day and night.

Ureadin Fusion Serum Antiwrinkle Lift – Night
My nighttime treatment works really well for me and I apply this just before my cream. This is such a beautiful serum…its made of apple stem cell extract, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme q10 and vitamin E, that all work together to enhance skin regeneration and increase firmness. I will share more info about this serum soon!

I use two different ones- Vitonomics aqua gel spf 30 before my workout and bioderma photoderm aquafluid spf 50 post workout. My Bioderma one is tinted so I don’t need a foundation in the day.

Sesderma K Vit Eye Serum
You can use this during the day or the night. This lightweight under eye treatment gets instantly absorbed by your delicate skin. Its hydrating and soothing plus it takes care of my slight under eye dark circles.

Uriage Thermal Water
This is great to soothe and hydrate my skin. I spray it all over my face a few times a day.

Auriga Flavo-c Masks
Once a week, I use a treatment mask that helps to remove impurities from the skin. Every time I apply this mask, my skin feels so clean and fresh. I have to warn you the fragrance is strong, so do avoid using this under eye area.

All the products mentioned above are available in and at good reliable chemists.

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