Journeying to your best self – Hello Magazine – May 2018

Journeying to your best self – Hello Magazine – May 2018

HELLO! tunes into the Beauty & Wellness blogger, who presents a world of wisdom on her platform, ‘Stay Real, Stay You’

She flits between Delhi and London, living a global life. And in between pursues all that she can, to keep her mind, body and soul together. “I am grateful to say that now, I live a happy, healthy, wonderful life; a balance between self-awareness and self-love. I am truly committed to living a life I love, which makes me glow from the inside out,” says the blogger with a huge fan-following on social media. Her tips are simple and all emanating from self-experience. “I am a big believer in listening to your body, so I wanted my own journey to be natural, holistic and long-term – with no short cuts, no cheating and no regrets,” she adds.

What prompted you to write on wellness?

“My health inspired me to start writing on wellness. My own journey started within a year of my marriage, once I had my first son. I started getting all these symptoms which didn’t make me feel great and eventually, I was diagnosed with PCOS. After tons of research; studies, books, speaking with doctors, dermatologists, nutritionists and others who also survived and thrived with PCOS, I decided to find the courage within myself to fight it and support others through my own journey.”

What is your daily wellness routine?

“My daily wellness routine is keeping myself hydrated! I drink lots of fluids – from infused waters and hot lemon water to green tea. I take my super green powder first thing in the morning. And I definitely can’t do without my daily essential supplements; vitamin C and probiotics. I also workout every day and eat four small balanced meals. One of my best tips is to make a conscious effort to do deep breathing. I always try to invest a couple of hours of me-time and I enjoy going to bed before midnight. It’s these small but simple steps which really make a huge difference.”

Do you believe in diets? Do you have one you follow? “Yes, I believe in a healthy, balanced diet. I eat right and in moderation. It’s very important to make sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs. I try to avoid dairy products and wheat and after 6:00 pm, I avoid grains and stick with lean meats and vegetables…Of course, I like to indulge once in a blue moon too!”

What is your daily skin-care regimen? Does it change with the season?

“I’m obsessed with skin care. A good cleansing regime is the best thing you can do for yourself. Before I workout for example, I apply a lightweight moisturiser, followed by a gel based sunblock. Post workout I cleanse, apply vitamin C serum and moisturiser followed by sunblock. When I’m going out at night I apply a light moisturiser. Before going to bed I can’t do without my retinol cream! I am always playing with different strengths of retinols and my skincare changes with the season. I never stick with one type of product for too long and it’s not as effective that way.”

What are some natural health care remedies you swear by?

“Anyone who knows me, knows I’m super into my natural remedies. One of my favourite natural health care remedies is manuka honey and organic spices like turmeric, ginger and cinnamon as they all have anti-inflammatory medicinal properties and cure and prevent many health problems. They are the perfect remedies for overall well-being.”

Your stress buster?

“My work out – five days a week!” Five things you recommend we include in our diet? “Things I would recommend are things that I use myself. One thing I would always recommend is a super green powder like moringa, wheatgrass, spirulina or a good blend of different ones. I also love green vegetables, red rice, organic desi ghee and lean meats. If you try to avoid anything overly processed or junk food, you’re halfway there!”

Are there any massages you swear by?

“I love going for deep tissue massages as they get rid of all the muscle knots and stiffness in my body.”

Your favourite spa?

“My favourite spa… in Delhi, it’s the Lodhi Hotel Spa and in London, the Bulgari Hotel Spa.”

Essentials in your bag?

“Black kohl, anti-bacterial gel, lip balm, foldable hair brush, NYX Green tea matte blotting paper… these are all must-haves!”

You never leave home without?

“I never leave home without applying my sunblock. It’s always number one on my list!”

Your biggest support system?

“My husband, my two sons and my sisters. I’m very grateful for them.”

What palpable difference has wellness brought to your life?

“The most noticeable thing is my consistently positive mood. As a woman, hormones play such a big part in our moods. By taking control of my wellness and putting myself first, I noticed that I was much happier every day and it shows!”

What are the biggest sacrifices you made and what were their greatest outcomes?

“I don’t think of anything as a ‘sacrifice’ but rather, as an investment towards a stronger, better, happier me. The greatest outcome was the control which I felt I had, the discipline I learnt and the knowledge I gained about myself. It is this knowledge which I share with others to also inspire them on their own wellness journey.”

One piece of advice you have for people trying to live a healthier and stress-free life?

“Listen to your body, understand your mind, stay real, stay you.”