Hair Removal Aftercare

Hair Removal Aftercare

The saying ‘beauty is pain’ couldn’t be truer for hair removal!

Whether it’s waxing, shaving, threading or laser…hair removal is almost always painful and requires proper aftercare.

Check out my simple yet effective hair removal aftercare tips below to ensure you are always giving your follicles and skin the TLC it needs to stay beautiful.

1. Keep the area clean and apply an ice-pack on the treated area to reduce pain. This will also help with any discomfort and/ or irritation you may feel.

2. I would suggest applying a calming gel to the treated areas (preferably organic). Mineral-infused mists like Uriage have a healing and soothing effect too! You can spray them to reduce redness or inflammation. Do not use any scented lotions, AHAs and retinols.

3. Wearing loose clothing is a great way to avoid friction on the treated areas for at least 48 hours afterwards (as this is when your skin is the most sensitive.)

4. Try keeping the area dry for 24 hours and definitely avoid hot baths, steam and sauna. When you shower, refrain from vigorous rubbing, be gentle to your’s been through a lot.

5. 30+ sunscreen every day minimum is an absolute must for indoors and outdoors (even when it’s cloudy/raining) to avoid further damage and premature ageing.

Hope the above help…I would love to know your top tips and tricks for hair removal aftercare!