Facial Cleansing Mistakes We Are All A Little Guilty Of!

Facial Cleansing Mistakes We Are All A Little Guilty Of!

Okay ladies, so here’s something which I haven’t talked about…And, it’s something we’re all a little guilty of. This post is all about facial cleansing and the little mistakes we sometimes make which can, over time, cause annoying skin issues.

The best peice of advice I can possibly give you is that you should always keep your face cleansing routine simple (so you can consistently do it every day) and use the right products for your skin type – (this is super important).

A lot of young girls and women don’t know what their skin type is. I would personally recommend that it is always better to pay a visit to a good, professional dermatologist who can examine your skin and give you honest pointers on the right cleansing product for you – rather than you doing a DIY experiment on your skin to find out. This can sometimes work, but mostly just annoys the skin and can cause breakouts.

Mistake #1

Scrubbing! Yes, our skin feels soft and fresh when we use a nice scrub but don’t overdo it. Twice a week is more than enough. Even a natural all organic scrub can cause excessive dryness and redness if used every single day.

Mistake #2

Using the wrong face wash. Please pick one for your skin type and not what your friend advises you to pick up or something you saw on Instagram! This will not work as effectively – you will see far more amazing results if you cleanse for your face type.

Mistake #3

Using wet wipes all the time. This is an interesting one! Now don’t get me wrong, I love face wipes – but I only use them when I’m in transit/ travelling as they don’t completely clean your skin. To be honest with you, I never get that fresh feeling after using one. I always find myself cleansing, toning and moisturising after using one.

Mistake #4

Using hot water. This is a big no-no! In fact, any extreme is bad for your skin – I don’t even like using extremely cold water. I once saw this skin care video of a girl dipping her entire face in crushed ice water. This technique confuses your skin, so seriously, guys please avoid this! Use lukewarm water instead which is suitable for all skin types and works like a dream!

Mistake #5

Washing too often. By washing your face more than three times a day, you make your skin super dry and sensitive. Do avoid this! Once in the morning to freshen up, to take your make up off, or to cleanse your face from the day is perfect!