Essential Dos and Don’ts for DIYs

Essential Dos and Don’ts for DIYs

We all need that ‘me time’ to do things we love. I like experimenting with simple ingredients at home for skin and hair care. All one needs to do is rustle up a good concoction, and voila! And some of them are as effective as any regular market product.

However, not everything natural is good for your skin. It’s important to know your skin type and work with ingredients accordingly. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind, so that your DIY recipes help, and don’t hurt.

1. Know the nature of ingredients: Citric fruits like lemon; spices like turmeric, egg whites and vinegar, are commonly used in skincare DIYs. However, they contain properties that may cause irritation in skin. Some people may be allergic to even honey and some nut oils. Always apply them on a small area of your skin first to be on the safe side.

Similarly, lavender, peppermint and menthol, all have a cooling effect, but may cause skin irritation after the skin is exposed to sunlight. I recommend doing a patch test before using essential oils of any kind.

2. Exfoliate slowly and carefully: Ingredients like sugar and pink salt (coarse version) are slightly sharp, and can be used in body scrubs. Grind them in powder form for face scrubs. Remember your facial skin is more sensitive and delicate. It needs gentle exfoliating ingredients.

3. Ratios matter. Do take guidance from a skin care expert to be sure of the ingredient proportions.

4. Rinse your face with cold tap water (avoid hot water).

5. If you are on a skincare regimen prescribed by your dermatologist, then please avoid DIYs.

6. Most natural ingredients are perishable in nature. And as the saying goes, “if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”. Do not use them beyond their expiry date.

7. Do not use DIY scrubs and masks daily.

8. Try to use organic and clean ingredients only.

9. Ladies with acne-prone and overly sensitive skin should be very careful. Certain ingredients can flare up acne and rosacea.

10. Always use glass jars to store your DIYs. They are sustainable, non-toxic, fully recyclable and great for our environment.

11. Please don’t apply lemon/lime juice/apple cider vinegar directly on to your face, body or scalp. These can cause pigmentation, itching, burning, redness etc. Always blend them with other ingredients.

Just take care of these. Rest is all fun! ☺

Do share any experiences/queries you might have with DIY recipes below.