Cocoa Butter for Stretchmarks!

Cocoa Butter for Stretchmarks!

Having stretchmarks means one thing…That you are totally normal and totally amazing!

They are your body’s way of saying that you have the ability to transform yourself, making them extraordinary.

Stretchmarks are often the result of the rapid stretching, fast growth or weight changes in a short amount of time, they are also influenced by hormonal changes. Whatever the reason may be, it is remarkable that all strechmarks tell a story!

Strechmarks are hereditary, so if your mother has them, it is also likely that you will have them too. For me, I never had too many of them and I wanted to stay true to my body and keep it the way it was pre-pregnancy as the tummy grows quite quickly over a short time and this is when most women develop the most strechmarks.

So, I decided to start early and use an amazing beauty skincare product which helped me so much throughout my two pregnancies.

Beauty disclaimer: You cannot completely make stretchmarks disappear, but you can see an obvious difference when you are consistent with your beauty regime. Of course there are more intense, non-natural ways out there to make strechmarks appear much less visible which you can get done at a medi clinic or spa, including laser or dermarollers, there are even treatments which enhance new collagen production.

For me, I always like to keep it natural when I can. So, my go-to was Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil!

This is specially formulated has an exclusive blend of vitamin E and active ingredients; antioxidants, omega and vitamin E. Vitamin E is the magical ingredient to help your skin heal, keeping it smooth, supple and soft.

The lightweight formula of the cocoa butter helped improve the appearance of my scars, stretch marks and dry damaged skin during both my pregnancies and I used mine all over for its skin perfecting benefits. After I gave birth, I also kept using it and saw that my skin looked much better.

I would recommend that you apply this twice a day, once in the morning and once after you have a warm shower, so the product is easily absorbed…oh, and it smells amazing too!