Everything you need to know about pores!

Everything you need to know about pores!

One of the most common questions I get asked all the time is about…Pores! And…If anything can make them disappear?

Well, the answer unfortunately, is no!

Everyone has pores and these are completely natural. They get bigger over time as we age and also with prolonged sun damage, this is also completely natural.

One of my total pet peeves however – is the overhyped products on the market which claim to dramatically reduce the size of your pores…Some even claim to make them vanish completely!

For me, the most overhyped pore products are pore strips. I don’t know if you have used them but believe me, I tried a few different ones years ago and I was not at all impressed. The only thing these pore strips actually strip off, are your natural oils, damaging your pores and leading to broken capillaries and scarring, leaving them looking more enlarged than before…a serious no no. Pore strips are not strong enough to remove blackheads and scarring can only be fixed with laser treatments.


Treatments should be performed at medi-clinics by experienced doctors and include everything from dermapen, micro-needling to intense peels – I have tried all three. These do show good results in some people, but for others it’s a disappointment. Sadly they don’t work for everyone. You also need a course of 5-6 treatments or more. Please also be aware that there are a few laser treatments which promise to shrink pores but I don’t know too much about them, so please do speak with your doctor beforehand.


Vitamin C serums, glycolic acid based products and retinols also help stimulate collagen production, unplug pores, exfoliate skin and get rid of dead skin cells hence making pores appear smaller. These are quite intense but extremely effective home care treatments for large pores.


My favourite DIY to shrink pores temporarily is…Ice! Before I apply my moisturiser I gently rub one ice cube all over my face for a minute, pat dry and then apply my moisturiser. You can make ice cubes infused with different teas as well! My favourite?! Green tea ice cubes of course.

I absolutely love Bioderma sebium pore refiner too as it instantly gets absorbed by my skin, improving the appearance of its texture. I apply just one pea size amount on my t-zone area, on top of my moisturiser, just before I apply my foundation.

My other recommendation is to exfoliate 2/3 times a week. This is a super effective way to keep pores fresh, clean and oil-free from bacteria build up. When pores are clean, they appear smaller, so please do remember to always take your make-up off before bed! Please also remember that over-exfoliating also damages pores.

We must always remember to be kind to our skin, especially the skin on our faces. Taking proper care of it will make it glow and keep you looking and feeling beautiful!