10 Things to Do to Manage PCOS Symptoms

10 Things to Do to Manage PCOS Symptoms

I have written extensively on PCOS in the past. I am writing yet another one, just like a compendium for those who are new to my blog and don’t know how and where to start with overcoming PCOS symptoms.

Ladies, it’s all about self-discipline …I know it’s not easy. I too had to work hard towards building my habits bit by bit. Sometimes I do end up eating/drinking too much – especially on holidays – but I ensure I get back on track with my healthy habits as soon as holidays are over. PCOS symptoms are annoying, and they do affect my emotional and physical state.

Just remind yourself that nothing is more important than your health, and so get motivated!

Here are some points. They’re not very difficult to follow.

1-EXERCISING is extremely important for women with PCOS. I exercise 5 times a week. It helps uplift my mood by releasing endorphins (happy hormones), keeps me lean, keeps me strong, helps burn fat, balances my blood sugar levels, improves my sleep quality and makes my skin glow. Yes, the benefits are endless! Above all, my cycle remains normal; no irregular periods.

2-LOW-GI FOODS – I always go for low glycemic index foods to keep my insulin levels stable and to boost metabolism. These include vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, lean animal protein and healthy fats. These also keep my weight under control and my energy levels up.

3-AVOID FAD DIETS – To be honest, I’ve tried these in the past to reduce weight – Scarsdale medical diet, Atkins, all-juice diets, soup-only diets etc. which turned out to be complete disasters. I don’t follow fad diets anymore. They messed up my hormones and took a toll on my health and skin. Please stay away from fad diets.

4-KEEP YOUR LIVER HEALTHY – The liver helps filter excess, built-up toxins and hormones from our body. If you have skin issues like acne or bloating around your belly area or even severe PMS, then you must keep your liver healthy. Drink alcohol in moderation and take super green powder shots (wheatgrass, moringa etc.), green tea, fresh fruits, brown rice and beets.

5-PORTION CONTROL- I emphasise a lot on portion control. You can eat your favorite dish in moderation, and you wont have any weight problems. I follow this even when I eat out at restaurants.

6-DRINK FLUIDS TO BEAT THE BLOAT- Women with PCOS tend to suffer from water retention…when you retain water, you gain weight because your body holds on to water – but the minute you flush it out, you will see your body weight stabilises. I drink 3 litres of fluids everyday to beat the bloat. I also drink infused water (infuse with fruits, herbs, herbal teas etc.) and sip in the day. This keeps my skin healthy and supple too.

7-I AVOID DAIRY – Dairy/ dairy products are not my everyday essentials. I take them only on special occasions, like a small piece of cheesecake or a bit of Indian mithai during festive season…Dairy is not good for our hormones as it causes inflammation in the body. I experienced bloating, sinus, acne, PMS when I had dairy regularly.

8-CHEAT MEALS OR TREAT MEALS – I call them treat meals, as I eat healthy most of the time and exercise regularly. Over all I live a healthy, balanced life. Sometimes (read seldom) it feels nice to give into a craving, and treat yourself for all the hard work.

9- DEEP BREATHE AND MEDITATE – This one’s a must for me. Due to hormonal imbalance, women with PCOS suffer from major mood swings, and mostly end up feeling low. Just 20 min deep breathing and meditation in the morning help me a lot. I feel all charged up and ready for the day.

10-AVOID PLASTIC AS MUCH AS YOU CAN- most plastics release estrogenic chemicals (BPA/BPS) which can disrupt our hormones. Women with PCOS are more likely to get exposed to BPA. Switch to stainless steel or glass.

Hope these help y’all. Also, don’t forget to stay positive ☺