Sticky Rice Pudding Recipe

Sticky Rice Pudding Recipe

I am a fan of Asian flavors. Last month, we visited Thailand, which as most of you know, is no less than a culinary heaven. Since then, I have been trying out some home-cooked Asian dishes – in my own, slightly altered versions.

So, this week I am sharing yet another delicious Asian recipe (previously shared Congee), thanks to my wonderful Indonesian cook. In this recipe, I have replaced refined sugar with coconut palm sugar and full fat coconut milk with the reduced fat version. After all, one should cut down on the fats wherever it’s possible, isn’t it? 🙂

Please note: These ingredients are easily available in India – online and in health stores – though you may not find the same brand, and that’s okay.


Now we have our own Indian version of rice pudding too, i.e. the delectable ‘kheer’, which can be served both hot and cold. The ingredients in this one are different, and this pudding tastes very different from the kheer. Sticky rice for e.g., is distinct from the common white rice, and not merely a different preparation.


• 2 cans of coconut milk (fat reduced)
• 75 grams jasmine rice or sticky rice
• 1-teaspoon vanilla extract
• 4-5 teaspoons coconut palm sugar


Put all the ingredients in a pan. Leave it to boil on medium heat, until the rice is cooked.

Then, leave it to cool down; let the heat settle. Keep it in the fridge. You can serve hot or cold. It’s delicious when it’s served hot as well.

Believe me, it is one amazing recipe you’d want to add in your healthy dessert list. However, do remember that moderation/portion control is key.

Rest, you can certainly tailor it as per your taste. It’s fun to explore all options.

Happy to hear how you like this one!