The Magic of Matcha

The Magic of Matcha

Hey guys! Most of you reading this would know that matcha is not just one of my favorite superfoods, but also one that I perhaps experiment the most with. Having worked it into my overall health regimen years ago, I have grown confidence in the slightly exaggerated but true statement — if health is wealth, matcha is one potent source of this wealth!

Thanks to its prolific nutrient profile, matcha tea helps keep my skin healthy by reducing inflammation, boosts my metabolism, and gives me energy. In fact, I often take a shot of matcha before workouts. Since it’s also potent in antioxidants, I definitely feel it helps boost immunity as well.

The difference between matcha & usual green tea: whereas in green tea the leaves are infused in water, with matcha tea you drink the actual leaves. The young tea leaves are finely powdered, mixed with hot water, and made into a solution. The caffeine content is also higher in matcha. But, like the usual green tea, matcha tea is an acquired taste. It’s grassy, slightly bitter with a hint of sweetness.

Here’s how I like to take it:

  • A spoonful in morning smoothies and green juices.
  • Here’s a smoothie recipe – 1 banana+ 1 tsp matcha +1 glass of almond milk+ 1-2 dates + 1 tsp chia seeds. Blend it all together.
  • A shot of matcha on vegan Coconut Ice Cream (sugar free) is a yummy and healthy combo. I also made Matcha Ice-Cream at home last year and boy, it turned out delicious!
  • Warm Matcha Latte
  • Skincare DIYs- when applied on face, matcha helps detox skin, calms redness, and reduces oiliness from my skin.

Try matcha with rose water to reduce oiliness. Other combinations that work for me are Matcha + Honey, Matcha + Manuka honey, Matcha + Curd combination. They’re deeply moisturising, soothing and healing.

Try going for good quality matcha. I love the one from Organic Burst, Tea Trunk and there’s one from Matcha Culture; all are available in India. If you know any other good brands, please do leave suggestions below.

Please note: Matcha is not everyone’s cup of tea — in a way that some people may be allergic to it. It’s best to check with your doctor before making it a part of your daily routine. Also, 1-2 cups a day is enough. Also, do a patch test before adding it into your skincare DIYs.