The ‘Supplements’ to my lifestyle

The ‘Supplements’ to my lifestyle

I actively follow the practice of healthy eating, and hence supplements usually get added to my routine on a need basis or when adviced by my physician. As a personal believer that food is your best medicine, I try to ensure that my meals are wholesome. For example, I eat omega 3 rich foods (such as: salmon, flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts) regularly, which gives me the luxury to skip omega supplements for a long time. Then there are super green powders like moringa, wheatgrass, spirulina that are so nutrient-dense, they provide your body with sufficient antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. I like to take my green powders in rotation to get all the health benefits. However for supplements, there are some which I take regularly (such as: essentials like probiotics and Vitamin-C supplements) and others in rotation for short periods of time.

In this blog, I am sharing my list of supplements that I currently consume and have been working well.


A blend of 3 types of organic tulsi – Krishna tulsi leaf, Vana tulsi leaf, and Rama tulsi leaf, I take these capsules for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties. These are good for the respiratory system and also prevent and treat common cold and flu. Not my everyday essential supplement; I will take this through the harsh winter months and then stop.



My all-time favourite essential, this one’s an antioxidant supplement that boosts immunity. I take it every day, first thing in the morning. Unlike the tablets which are taken on a full stomach, this particular Vitamin-C is a little different. It comes in a gel form that needs to be diluted in a bit of water and then taken on an empty stomach.



Optizinc includes L-Methionine (Amino acid) along with Zinc. These two together exhibit a superior absorption rate when compared to other forms of Zinc supplements. This one is really gentle on the stomach – I’ve been taking it for 2 months now and have experienced no side effects.

Why do I take it? For a healthy immune system, bone health, hair, skin, and nails. Not my everyday essential supplement; I will take it for 4 months and then stop.



A non-dairy, gluten-free, water-based drink! It delivers multi-strain live bacteria into your system for a healthy gut. Probiotics like these are my everyday essential supplement. I do, however, keep trying different ones with different strains depending on how I’m feeling. Sometimes the stronger strains work better, especially when I’m travelling and eating out often.

Word of caution: Even though these supplements are easily available and need no prescription, I would still advice you to be super careful. Even natural supplements can cause side effects and also interact with on-going medications. Do take guidance from your doctor before you add any health supplement to your diet. They also prescribe the ones that are easily available in India, hence making the access easier.