How To Do Balanced Eating While Traveling

How To Do Balanced Eating While Traveling

If you’re traveling for leisure, it is likely you’re doing it to take a break from the usual routine. You want to try out new things, especially when it comes to food. Now as someone who travels extensively, I know diet changes often don’t go down well with everyone. Disturbances in the digestive system, body rhythm, fatigue, etc. are some real travel woes that they can be quite grueling!

I follow some simple rules to ensure I don’t go completely off the charts.

  • First, do as the locals do. Local delicacies are often made from fresh ingredients, and there is less chance of pesticides in them.

  • Combine your food the right way. The right food combinations help me balance blood sugar levels; keep my weight in control and most importantly, my digestion in good condition while traveling. For instance, refrain from refine carbs and desserts when you take wine. Settle on salads or sautéed vegetables and lean meats – fish, mutton or chicken. A meal like this will not cause any bloating and will keep you full for long. Try to stick to one plate, one helping and no more.
  • I enjoy having a few glasses of wine. However, I don’t drink on an empty stomach. I take a small snack to line my stomach. I usually go for avocado or hummus dip with veg sticks if it’s easily available, or some salmon, vegan yogurt, olives, almonds etc.

  • I don’t skip breakfast. I sometimes carry vegan protein powder with me for simple smoothies; or I go for an egg and gluten-free toast; or a small portion of a local seasonal fruit or porridge. A tablespoon of peanut butter with crackers (if available) is also good enough. Pick one combination and enjoy.

  • Sip on green tea, coconut water, flower infused teas, or lemon infused water during the day. This is available almost everywhere.

  • At lunch, my husband and I generally order a selection of dishes, and eat what we feel like, including whole grain carbs. By ordering a selection instead of one or two main courses, we get to try different food items, and keep our portions in control.

  • I don’t have a sweet tooth. I only go for a dessert if it is really worth indulging, however anything made of dark chocolate is difficult to resist. Also, remember it is for sharing. Portion control is always a good idea.

  • I carry supplements like –

– Probiotics. It keeps my gut and immune system healthy.

– Green powder, which is full of natural vitamins, antioxidants and minerals

– Altrient C for vitamin c

– Hydration tablets (ORS or NUUN) to boost energy levels, replenish lost electrolytes and hydrate my body in hot climates.

– Rescue night by Bach flower remedy for restful night sleep. Being constantly on flights and time difference can affect your sleep pattern. This one’s alcohol-free and non habit-forming.

PS: With supplements, always consult your GP to be on the safer side.

When travelling, you need not deprive yourself of the new, fun experiences or culinary adventures. Just balance it out, indulge in moderation, and have fun.