Best Salt for Your Body

Best Salt for Your Body

I recently read an article in the Hindustan Times that said Indians consume 9% more salt than the global average – 10.06 gm. This is a worrying trend. Excessive salt consumption is dangerous. It can lead to serious side effects like high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney problems and bloating due to water retention, among other ailments. You just need only a small amount in your everyday diet.

Unrefined and refined salt

If you were to choose between unrefined and refined, what would be the best option? There are two kinds of salt – unrefined and refined. Unrefined salt is natural salt that contains tons of minerals and electrolytes that are crucial for our body to function properly.

Refined salt is stripped off all nutrients and is full of additives and other harmful agents that are toxic for our body. Sadly most households and restaurants all over the world use refined salt for cooking purposes and as table salt.

Why unrefined natural salt?

Perfect table salt to enhance flavour

The benefits of unrefined salt when had in moderation are immense

  • Stabilises blood pressure
  • Prevents muscle cramps
  • Provides important electrolytes
  • Maintains thyroid levels
  • Maintains pH balance
  • Helps regulate the heart beat
  • Keeps nervous system healthy
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Important for kidney and brain function
  • Improves circulation


In my family, none of us have iodine deficiency, so we don’t consume iodised salt. We get enough iodine from natural foods like eggs, sea food (salmon, prawns and cod), seaweed and Himalayan crystal salt which contains some iodine.


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Natural salts come in different colors-grey, black, pink, red and blue but my favourite is  the Himalayan pink salt (organic of course) rich in more than 85 minerals, it is one of the purest salts and, a healthier option than refined salt. A tiny amount of this salt in your food will provide your body with all the beneficial trace elements and minerals.

But if your doctor has advised you to consume iodised salt due to low thyroid level or other health conditions, then you must do as he/she says.

Please note that the information provided above is based on my experience. So, take it with a pinch of salt!