Working Towards A Better You in 2019!

Working Towards A Better You in 2019!

It is the beginning of a new year, and honestly, it’s the best time to reflect, and move forward. While I am not a fan of making New Year resolutions and yearly to-do lists (because most of us fail in keeping up with them), I believe, all you need to do is slowly commit to healthy changes, and more importantly, enjoy while you are at it.

Now most of you will agree that nothing supersedes one’s health and well being. So, it’s time to scribble down all the wonderful health and wellness points you are going to incorporate into your daily life. This will only help remind you of your priorities towards keeping yourself fit and happy from inside out.

Here’s a list of assorted things that I swear by ever year – for good skin, overall health and wellness. I have been following most of these for a long while now.

• Start and end your day with gratitude

• Show Kindness – help a person in need

• Spend more time with happy, positive people

• Reduce stress-meditate, deep breathe

• Start your exercise routine

• It is winter time – don’t forget to soak in the sun

• Eat dark chocolate

• Drink more water

• Replace artificial sweeteners with non-refined, natural sugar substitutes like organic honey, organic maple syrup, coconut pal sugar, and raw honey

• Replace all refined foods with wholesome, clean foods

• Go for all natural, non-toxic deodorants, shower gels, shampoo and conditioners

• Pamper yourself twice a month- for instance, you can spend your day in a spa

• Keep some time for yourself daily. Read a book, go for a walk, watch your favorite TV serial or just chill.

• Limit your screen time. Keep a set time for browsing social media – avoid aimless scrolling through Instagram/Facebook

• Drink green tea

• Eat organic whenever you can

• Sleep for atleast 8 hours daily

• Let go of what you can’t control

• Apply a sunblock everyday

• Introduce manuka honey to your diet