When to toss your beauty products

When to toss your beauty products

Let’s be honest, nothing lasts forever…Sometimes it’s just time to let go.

When it comes to beauty products, as painful as it can be to throw out that half used expensive moisturiser that you’re not ready to part ways with, it is a must.

Beauty products that are not in their prime and have surpassed their shelf life can actually cause more problems than reap positive benefits.

Every beauty product expires, and it’s important to know when this date comes around. Most products contain a POA (a number followed by an M and an open jar icon). This stands for period after opening. So, if a product says 9M – you should really ditch it after 9 months.

Beauty Gone Bad
There are other ways to also tell when your beauty products have gone bad and when you should toss these. Sometimes the colour, smell and texture can all be an indication.

Bacteria factor
Even though we try our best to wash our hands and apply products on a clean face, there are always bacteria which we cannot avoid. Scooping products out with your fingers is something which can be avoided by going with pump bottles, dropper/ pipettes. However, if the specific product does not allow for this, I would suggest getting a smaller bottle and replenishing stock when needed. I would also advise that you don’t re-use any make up if you have had an infection as this can result in a recurring issue.

I would also suggest that the way you store your products can make them last a lot longer. Store them in a side drawer/ cabinet away from direct sunlight as over heat exposure can mess with the formula. Humidity can really reduce a products shelf life.