Retire to Bed with These Awesome Habits

Retire to Bed with These Awesome Habits

We all compromise on sleep some time or the other. And as far as I know, most don’t follow a proper sleep hygiene (yes, there is one!).

Honestly, it is not that hard. Great sleep is all about following some great habits. We just need to find enough time to follow them. And trust me, these tips could mean the difference between waking up to seize the day and feeling drowsy.

Proper sleep wear

This is so important for a good night’s sleep. Go for lightweight, comfy, breathable fabrics to avoid night sweats that can wake you up in the middle of the night..I prefer cotton or 100% silk. Please avoid polyester.

Disconnect from technology

I stay away from my laptop and phone an hour before going to bed. We compulsively check e-mails while in bed. Gluing your eyes on the LED screen of your phone/tablet before going to bed can disrupt your sleep. Not just that, I suggest don’t think about work. You should unplug completely.

Midnight snacking

Usually one should avoid midnight snacking..certain foods high in sugar/caffeine can make you restless and disrupt your sleep pattern. But we all like a little snack once in awhile. I usually go for a tablespoon of organic, sugar free peanut butter or then a sugar free , organic protein ball or a protein bar 45 minutes before I hit the pillow.

Herbal remedies
Caffeine free, herbal remedies can help you sleep well, and there are no side effects! My favourite- passiflora tea by Neal’s yard, Pukka night time tea, Bach rescue night spray/drops (alcohol free) are great options as these are all natural and non-habit forming.

Remove makeup

I know wiping that extra layer off your face is quite tiring after a long day, but please don’t give this a miss! Leaving makeup overnight could block your skin pores, and you might face issues like acne. Do follow a proper nighttime skincare regime.

Keep your room cool

Cool not freezing cold..cooler temperatures are linked to better and deeper sleep. When your body temperature is properly regulated you feel more relaxed and non stuffy and you slip into a restful deep sleep.

Sleep on time

You know you must do this. An idea that could help – set a bedtime alarm. This would help you to make sleeping early a priority.

Impressed? Now be patient with yourself. Try these tips one at a time. Don’t forget to tell me how they worked for you.

Good night!