Hello everyone!

So, following on from brides part one where I talked about skincare, I decided to do a brides part two which is totally focused on nutrition.

It goes without saying that everything in your body for both beauty and health is all related to what you eat. Nutrition is what we should be using to nurture our bodies and good nutrition should leave you feeling energetic and vibrant, not slow and sluggish.

Ahead of your wedding, there will be times where you feel a little burnt out because of all the festivities, celebrations and exciting planning. I’m going to share a few tips with you so you can feel your best and also look your best in time for the big day.

Drinking plenty of fluids is so important and the secret to healthy digestion. Choose whatever you like to stay hydrated, from normal water or infused water to herbal teas, flower based teas, green tea and green juices – Please do try and avoid fruit juices though as these have a lot of hidden sugars in them and can leave your face looking a little puffy. I would also avoid alcohol as much as you can pre-wedding as it causes unnecessary bloating and puffiness on both the face and body.

Regularly exercising to keep yourself fit is also important ahead of your special day to shed any of that excess weight. I read somewhere that 75% of the way you look is from what you eat, and only 25% of it is from your workout routine…With this said, avoid refined sugar, processed food, dairy, fried and or fast food – a total no go! Instead, opt for lots of greens, lean meats, healthy fats, lentils and legumes…It might be super hard at first but trust me girls, it will be so worth it!

Vitamins and supplements are also a great way to nurture your body and give it what it needs for plenty of energy. I recommend a good antioxidant supplement, ideally vitamin C based with omegas, probiotics, b complex…they definitely give you that extra boost.

Organic options are one of my favourites too and I take these myself, I love turmeric powder to strengthen your immunity ahead of the long nights of dancing! Organic super green powder is also fab – it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of having wheat grass, moringa, spirulina or mixing a blend of many like my super elixir green powder.

Last but not least, cut down on salt. Try to have two salt free meals twice a week, whether this is breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner. Meal replacement smoothies are also an excellent way to shed those kilos before the wedding.

Good luck and lots of love,

SK xx