No misses while travelling for the holidays

No misses while travelling for the holidays

My family and I are Delhi residents, but we travel extensively. London is our second home, especially since my younger son is currently at university there. I know that while sticking to one’s diet and exercise regimen at home is a piece of cake, maintaining that discipline on the go can be quite a challenge. But it is not impossible.

At home, I work out with a personal trainer. In London, I highly recommend the Equinox Gym. Of course, you could always go for a run in the park if the fickle English weather permits it. I often do and I love it. When travelling to other parts of the world, I make sure the hotel we stay at is equipped with a gym. I recommend that you do the same. It doesn’t have to be a super fancy gym; just a basic one with a treadmill or a cross trainer is more than enough. A quick but intensive cardio session before you begin your day is more than enough. I make sure I am done with my exercise in the morning, because when travelling schedules can be unorganized and hectic, and I need my exercise to feel energised and good through the day.


Diet is the other part of daily routine that goes for a toss when travelling. Faced with a wide array of delectable food and a break from schedule, it can be tough to stick to one’s diet plan. I follow some basic and simple rules to ensure I don’t go completely off the charts. Breakfast after my morning workout comprises only a protein shake made with the whey protein powder I travel with. I’m not much of a breakfast eater anyway and this helps me save on the calories by keeping me full for a longer period of time. I sip on as much green tea or lemon infused water as I can during the day. At lunch, my husband and I generally order a selection of dishes and eat what we feel like, including carbs and dessert. By ordering a selection instead of one or two main courses, we get to try different kinds of local and delicious food without going overboard. Dinner again is a selection of dishes, but this time we cut out the carbs and the sweet stuff to stick to only proteins and salads. A couple of glasses of red wine at dinner are an absolute must when travelling.


Both these protein powders are available on Whey Protein doesn’t suit everyone, so the plant based vegan one is an excellent alternative.


I don’t miss out on my supplements just because I’m travelling. Probiotics are number one on my list – it keeps my gut and immune system healthy. I travel with my B complex supplements and my super green powder and make sure I don’t miss taking those. Of course, my Berroca shots come in handy when I need an extra energy kick.

Skincare needs to be stepped up a bit when on the move. Air travel, especially will dry out your skin before you even reach your destination, so it is important to add some extra hydration to your skincare regimen. I carry my night facial oil wherever I go, regardless of whether it is to a beach or to a cold place. I also carry my hydrating mask and my rose water, and most importantly my sunblock. Please don’t ever skip the sunblock if you want healthy glowing skin. All the skincare items I carry on my travels are chosen because of their deep hydrating properties and their healing key ingredients.

Looking after yourself on the go is important, because a complete departure from normal routine may wreak havoc with your system. It is not necessary to deprive yourself from any of the fun or new experiences or culinary adventures when travelling. Just remember to take care of the basics, indulge in moderation and have fun.

Do try out these tips when you are travelling for the holidays and let me know how it went. Write to me below or using #stayrealstayyou on Instagram @shagunkhanna