Foods to avoid

Foods to avoid

Hi everyone! So, I get a lot of messages and emails from women asking me to share a diet plan on my blog for them. It’s a tricky one because I’m not a dietitian nor am I a nutritionist, I just enjoy eating healthy for my specific body type. One of the best bits of advice I would recommend is to always seek out the guidance of a notable professional, especially when you have tons of weight to lose. A good nutritionist will examine your current medical history to date, before putting you on a good plan specifically suited for you, which most importantly is safe for your body type.

I don’t diet anymore. I used to diet a crazy amount in my 20’s to lose weight but here’s little secret, I don’t even weigh myself anymore…yup it’s true! The last time I weighed myself was in 2013! I don’t believe that your weight determines your health at all unless you are extremely over weight. This is because muscle weighs more than fat and I work out a lot!

What works for me is that I don’t get carried away and always indulge in moderation, meaning I eat certain foods at the right time (no heavy carbs in the evening for example)…And, the minute I feel my jeans getting a little tight for me, that’s when I get super strict with myself. So, my measurement is not my weighing scale, but completely relying on my jeans to help me assess and reassess my healthy eating habits.

What I do 95 percent of the time is stay away from certain foods because they are not good for my hormones. I have done a lot of research into this so I know exactly how to eat right for me. By avoiding these foods, my weight remains stable and I am able to live cleaner.

Below, I’ve listed a bunch of foods/ food groups which I avoid myself. When I’ve earnt it, I do like to indulge in a little treat once in a blue moon!


Dairy is a big no go! It is not good for my hormones and I’m also actually lactose intolerant meaning I have to avoid dairy…If you can’t give up dairy completely then please do try to eat it in moderation, making sure it is organic whenever possible. I also recommend that in place of full fat milk, paneer and/or dahi switch to low fat, toned milk dairy products.


Okay, so this is always top of my list to avoid…Tinned foods like sausages, salami, bacon, instant noodles, cereals, frozen meals, namkeens, cakes, pizzas, soft drinks, cheese and crisps are not good for anyone!! They are full of excess fat, salt and sugar, so if your goal is to lose weight then it’s best to avoid these. Of course, it’s natural to treat yourself once in a while but not on regular basis as you will start seeing the negative effects of these foods to steer clear from almost instantly, like feeling sluggish, bad skin, weight gain, bloating etc.


Refined sugar is lethal for all of us and is hidden in so many foods which we eat and our children eat without us even knowing. It is highly addictive and that’s why so many companies use it in their products like white bread, refined flour, ice-cream, muffins, aerated drinks, granola bars and fruit juices…All these foods are loaded with sugar. Avoiding these if you can is what every top nutritionist would recommend as our bodies are not made to digest these foods.


I’m very careful with this one and keep a close eye on my sodium intake because I retain water very quickly, I think it’s definitely something to do with my hormones and body type! It takes me days to flush out excess water/ sodium out of my system. One indulgent Chinese meal can make me retain water straight away! I would also advise to try to cut down on table salt too, once you start reducing your intake you will naturally enjoy less saltier foods.

I believe that the first step is always awareness. Getting to know your body and eating right for you is key! Don’t follow a friend’s diet plan just because it looks, or sounds good. If it worked for her, it may not have the same results for you. I hope my foods to avoid blog will make you more health conscious…Here’s to looking and feeling great! Stay Real, Stay You!