Hair colour aftercare

Hair colour aftercare

So, you’ve just coloured your hair and it looks fabulous…3 washes later, it looks like you never had it done. How many of you have felt this way? I know I have! I wanted to put together some super easy pointers for you, so even after 7 washes, your hair looks and feels great like you just walked out of the salon.

1. After colouring your hair, wait for 2-3 days before you wash it. Not only will this maintain your blowdry but also let the colour take to your hair much better, allowing the dye to settle and really bringing out the vibrant colour you desire.

2. Hair spa treatments at least twice a month are a total must! I cannot stress this one enough – that you have to hydrate your hair in order to keep it shiny. Keep switching up the products to ensure your hair doesn’t get too ‘comfortable’ with the same routine. Ask the salon for new/ special treatments! When in Delhi I go to the Lodhi hair salon and ask them to apply the Alfaparf Power Dose Professional Hair Salon treatment that instantly adds hydration and softness and another favourite of mine is the Morrocan oil intensive hydrating mask – which I buy and apply at home.

3. I know we’re all a little guilty (some more than others!) of styling our hair. I love a bouncy blow dry and never leave the house without doing my hair – I can go makeup free, no problem but bad hair days are my total pet peeve! Despite this, I would really emphasise that using less heat styling would be more beneficial for your hair in the long run. Sometimes, let it dry naturally too.

4. With hair – the cooler the temperature you wash it in, the better. We all love a long, hot shower but that doesn’t mean your hair does!

5. Go for the best hair products which are free from all kinds of harsh chemicals that help your colour last longer. These days I’m loving products from IGK available in Space NK UK and also Kelvin Murphy hair products are fab! These two ranges are free from parabens, sulphates and many other hair destroying chemicals. P.s. -Kevin Murphy products are available in India. Get their info from @kevinmurphyindia on Instagram.